A little history

I used to run lots of fanlistings with my friend Onda, when I was fourteen or so, mainly about Inuyasha, my main fandom at the time.
When our host couldn't help us anymore, we had to close them, realizing that we didn't even had much time to spend on them anymore.
I've been thinking for years about a collective.
I even had done a layout, long time ago, featuring Kohaku & sango from Inuyasha episode 159.
It had i-frames and a pinkish color-scheme.
The name was "Indelible scars", which is now the name of my livejournal.
That name meant really much to me at the time.
It still does, as there are things of my past I'd like to forget but well, I just can't.
And it is like having a scar on your back, like Sango does.
You may not be able to see it, but still it is there.
I was always terribly busy with school, so I never put it on the net.
Too bad, I guess.
About two years ago, my friend Chibi offered me this subdomain and, well, I had always kind of missed the fanlisting world.
So, I was so damn excited <3 and grateful. I still am <3. Thanks a lot for making this possible <3.
At first I had to make a quick website to prove I knew how to use html when applying for fanlistings, and I made a pink layout featuring Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew.
It was hosted on altervista.org, while my fanlistings were on this domain.
Then Chibi made a layout featuring a RomeoxJuliet image for me, and maaany months ago (SHAME ON ME) I finally found time to use it.
Thanks again for giving me this little 'push' I needed, Chibi!


The name of the site comes from the Nirvana song, which I really love, as a person really important to me made me listen to it for the first time.
To him, I say thank you.
Love you <3.
I used to sing it from time to time, and even transformed it in a happy birthday song for this person's surprise birthday party.
It really is the first time I think of such a happy title for a website, and it is kind of strange for me.
But I think things are changing now, and this is going to reflect my brand new hope.
You can tell I always tend to give an exaggerated meaning to everything, can't you? :P